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 Top 10 Baddest Bad Guys

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PostSubject: Top 10 Baddest Bad Guys Wed Oct 20 2010, 23:15

In wrestling, we usually look for the heroes, but sometimes it's the bad guys that steal the show! Making a top 10 list to the greatest heel wrestlers is no easy task. Nor it would be easy to make a top 100 because there's so many to pick from: The Spike, chris, zabuza, CM Kev and even Eros! So, let's take a different approach and go for the villains that I find to be the most bad @$$, or you might just say... Playing bad...

This is: Top 10 BADDEST BAD GUYS!

Let's get it started it off right: Und3rTak3r| !
It's like a crazy version of The Undertaker! He doesn't even shave his mustache for the makeup! Now that's bad!

Coming up next for number 9 it's InFlames, the EWE's worst nightmare! Who is InFlames, is he Avatar, Paul Pheonix? Well, his name can be whatever he wants! Now you don't with that! That's bad!

Number eight's gonna be the current Killing Spree Champion, Cheater cheater! He's always clean, wearing black and he treats his females like ! Just look at that face!
Now that's serious! Now it really makes this guy an A+ @$$ hole when he fought the EWE Champion garry kasparov for the EWE Belt in a Coffin Match and lost! That's not fair, garry kasparov is definitely a bad mother !

Number seven's gotta have to be The Scar! Man, what an @$$ hole! This guy has problems! And of course, because there's a scar in his face that's his name! But how he got the scar, you don't even wanna know! It's embarrassing... But regardless, he's sure a bad boy!

Number six, we're not playing around it's gonna be #6! That's right! That mustache and mashed best, that's awesome! Now, he could of just lock Golmar inside that Casket but instead he burns him alive! Oh ! The fire in fact burnt Golmar very bad that night, ending his career in EWE! After that he's been arrested for attempting to commit a suicide shock on the Infinite Column! But there's nothing bull about prison! #6 is one bad doom!

We have the combined effort to J.D Berbank and Link The Legend! J.D Berbank is pissed off that his partner was the chosen one of the UWE! And when he's full of rage he locks GermanDoom inside a Casket and he starts burning the poor kid! The Scar interfered two weeks later, being the good nature that he is! And does J.D Berbank have to think twice before hitting his General Manager? No... Well, he's hardcore, but speed freak Daniel, man, he's more hardcore! Well, he's too scared now to CENSORED with Daniel and he's gonna hold the grudge against The Scar! So he gets help from his friend! A CENSORED General Manager named Link The Legend! Wow... This guy's nuts! But he's also an evil genius! He sets up a bunch of "accidental" runnings with Daniel and he attacks EWE! And he tells him that he will destroy EWE which is one of the many lies! Look at the CENSORED eating grin! The whole show he tries not to laugh because he's a master bull CENSORED artist and he knows it! He also takes negotiations while taking a bath! His grand scheme involves getting The Scar a break away from Daniel and turn to him for training! And this is all part of his plan, to train him the wrong way! Now when Scar finally comes to his senses and shakes his hand with Daniel, The Scar leaves EWE!

To be continued
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Top 10 Baddest Bad Guys

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