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 J.D Berbank vs Patriot Adam Rogers

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PostSubject: J.D Berbank vs Patriot Adam Rogers Sat Jun 05 2010, 17:08


Super Freak Daniel !!!!

Super Freak Daniel: "Hello! There's no business as show business! Or as they say in France: Je ne veux pas aller a l'ecole! Mama, je suis malade!"

Super Freak Daniel: "Now this year we had a lot of Super Freak Shows, some of them too sick and too up to be televised! But now it's time for something new, it's time to inject silicon into the show! It's time for Mad Freak Underdome Riot! For the suckers that need introduction for this show, your own hole!"

The battle of the sidekicks begins!

Super Freak Daniel: "This weekís Mad Freak Underdome Riot has a lot to do with working under a personís shadow. Patriot Adam Rogers vs J.D Berbank fight has long been discussed by nerds for decades. In the one instance they did battle the result was a technical win for Patriot Adam Rogers, but this is a new fight for a new generation, so we ask again who would win in a fight between the new Captain America and the new Bill Gates?

Patriot Adam Rogers

Powers: Patriot Adam Rogers has no super powers to speak of; he is considered a natural athlete and is a peak level gymnast and the greatest human acrobat in the EWE universe. Agile enough to dodge bullets, Patriot Adam Rogers is a more than capable fighter and a born leader.

Weaknesses: Women, especially women from other planets. Patriot is American after all and would succumb to the same frailties as any other regular guy.

J.D Berbank

Powers: Strong, rich, wrestling God, better looking, arrogance, the best.

Weaknesses: Women, especially foreign spies. Berbank also suffers from a conscience that plagues him for past misdeeds while he was under TWA control. Heís also vastly inexperienced as an everyday hero.

Round 1: Hand to hand combat

Both men are very durable fighters with a wide range of skills, the major difference is that Adam had more time to train and learn with his mentor. Heís also had more time as a costumed adventurer to sharpen his fighting skills. J.D makes up for some of that with his bionic $ but not enough. In a knockdown drag out brawl Berbank would hold the edge.

Winner: Patriot Adam Rogers

Round 2: To the death

Not saying that J.D Berbank is a cold blooded murderer, but in a battle that is life or death he wouldnít hesitate where Rogers most certainly would. In a fight to the death Berbank would remain in his comfort zone and would hold a psychological edge over Patriot Adam Rogers, that edge could make all the difference in the world.

Winner: J.D Berbank

Round 3: Resources and gadgets

While Berbank is no slouch heís completely outmatched when it comes to resources and gadgets. Patriot could and would employ anything from smoke bombs to ropes and Ďbaterangsí while Berbank getís by with a gun and a shield. The shield is an impressive weapon in his capable hands but his adeptness with the weapon is not comparable to Patriot's understanding of the technology at his disposal.

Winner: Patriot Adam Rogers

Round 4: Fighting Dirty

Berbank could write a book on dirty fighting. Iím sure that Patriot knows a few illegal techniques but as stated earlier he would be hesitant to employ them especially against a fellow non-powered hero. Adam just isnít afraid to grab your short and curlies and give emí a twist.

Winner: Patriot Adam Rogers

Argument #5: The fighting spirit

The fighting spirit is that little something extra you get when you dig deep. Lots of wrestlers have it and itís the difference maker in most good fights. Itís also a
bit of a clichť in some instances. When the hero is fighting the final bad guy and things look bleak, he notices that his friend is cheering him on or his kidnapped wheelchair bound girlfriend has been freed, he summons his strength and fights on, that my friends is the fighting spirit.

In this instance Patriot has the fighting spirit. Berbank probably has it too but that hasnít been as widely documented. When the chips are down I would look for Patriot to simply will his way to a victory because he has the fighting spirit.

Winner: Patriot Adam Rogers

By the numbers:

Looks like Patriot Adam Rogers beats out J.D Berbank in a
close match.

The Bottom Line:

It would be a battle for the ages to say the least. It would be fast paced and eventually brutal and bloody. But in the end J.D Berbank would simply find a way to win against Patriot Adam Rogers.
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J.D Berbank vs Patriot Adam Rogers

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